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About William

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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

William is a man of many talents, with a diverse background in numerous fields of study.  


A trained Sociologist, who has worked for several government agencies, he knows all too well how easily the government can crush an individual citizen.


In the Air Force as a Military Police Officer he saw the frightening destruction of our Rights brought by the US Patriot Act.

While working at The Department of Veterans Affairs (The VA) he saw a government indifferent to the needs of our most heroic citizens. This point was made personal when the VA Medical Center killed William's own father, Bruce, because of a paperwork error.


While working at The Social Security Administration, William saw how the agency would make every effort to help non-citizens (even opening the doors early just for them) while local American citizens were pushed to the back of the line.


William knows firsthand that the jail system has almost nothing to do with Justice and Everything to do with being a Cash Cow for the Commonwealth. 



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